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Golden Grip Equipment

Golden Grip Liquid Chalk

Golden Grip Liquid Chalk

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Unleash Your Maximum Grip Potential

Golden Grip Liquid Chalk is the ultimate solution for rock climbers seeking to maximize their grip performance. Our innovative, fast-drying formula ensures that you have the traction you need to conquer the most challenging climbs. Available in 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml sizes, you can choose the perfect amount for your climbing adventures.

50ml Bottle with Carabiner: Never worry about losing your chalk again! The convenient 50ml bottle comes with a durable carabiner attachment, allowing you to clip it onto your harness or gear for easy access. Experience hassle-free climbing with the perfect amount of chalk right at your fingertips.

100ml Tube: Ideal for climbers who need a bit more chalk to get them through longer climbs or multiple sessions, the 100g tube is the perfect balance between portability and quantity. Its compact size easily fits into your climbing bag, so you'll never be without your trusty Golden Grip Liquid Chalk.

200ml Tube: For the dedicated climber, our 200ml tube offers the best value and ensures you'll have plenty of chalk for extended climbing sessions or trips. Don't let sweaty hands hold you back - with the Golden Grip 200ml Liquid Chalk, you'll always be prepared to reach for new heights.

Embrace the power of Golden Grip Liquid Chalk and take your climbing experience to the next level. Say goodbye to slippery holds and hello to unyielding grip strength. Order yours today and elevate your climbing game!

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